Opportunistic, thematic investing in real estate and related assets and companies

Value-oriented focus on assets and companies

Jadian pursues a broad value mandate throughout the capital structures of real estate, related assets and asset-intensive businesses.  The firm often targets niche themes and overlooked sectors that may require combined expertise in property, operating businesses and structured solutions.  

Thematic investing, focused on platform creation

In addition to pursuing attractive one-off transactions, we seek to partner with talented management teams on aggregation strategies, programmatic joint ventures and investments in portfolios or companies that can serve as a platform for future investments.

Targeting real estate-related sectors with hallmarks of high quality businesses

Rather than pursue popular asset types that nevertheless may have poor underlying attributes, we pursue sectors with long-term fundamental outperformance, low capital expenditures and value-add in our control.  We find many of these qualities in fragmented asset classes, emerging real estate sectors and asset-intensive operating businesses.

Capitalizing on the changing nature of real estate

The real estate asset class is expanding to include assets and operating businesses not traditionally considered real estate as technological advances are disrupting traditional sectors.  Jadian capitalizes on these dynamics by building specialized expertise in niche areas to unlock hidden real estate value.

Long-term partnerships with management and operators

We seek to partner with talented management teams and operators who are passionate about their business, are looking for more than just capital and with whom we share a vision for value creation.  Our core values include integrity, intellectual honesty, transparency, resourcefulness and a commitment to excellence; we seek long-term relationships with partners who share these values.